What are you doing today for you? I watched a Gen-Z eat a candy bar, p-tarts and orange juice for breakfast. His excuse was he ate all the cereal. HELLO! Buy some more. At 20 years old he will not see the effects of that meal today nor for years to come. Rest assured he will hit the wall of one or more of the chronic big three. Probably before the age of 40. Hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes. He also doesn’t get a good 8 glasses of water a day. He drinks some form of energy drink or pop/soda. When we talk with him about its always an excuse. I throw up my hands. You can’t save them all.

What about you? Are you eating yourself to death? It’s not too late to change your eating habits and implement an exercise routine. Check with your health professional for your best course of action.

I had to change my ways. It’s not easy yet it is possible. Get on a solid plan, supplement and if you have to, look into a weight loss program or even surgery if necessary. Again check with your health professional.

Contact me if you need some resources or referrals.

Cheers to your success.