Seven Areas of Wellness

Over the years, on my journey of wellness, I have discovered a myriad of information regarding health and wellness. I discovered the seven dimensions of wellness. I will be posting on each over the next several days. They are: Social Wellness, Environmental Wellness (not all studies or practices include this one), Occupational Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Physical Wellness, Intellectual Wellness and Emotional Wellness. It may seem that we focus regularly on two or 3 more than others, Some we have control over at different phases of our life’s journey.

7 dimensions of wellness illustration

Let’s look at Social Wellness. This is not a new concept or school of thought, especially for our sociologists and those studying communications from a behavioral position. It is interesting also to note that “social media” has added yet another layer in our quest for “social wellness”. Good wholesome relationships are important starting with family, friends and community. The virtual community has brought about a false sense of comfort and camaraderie that has found some committing suicide, loosing jobs and being alienated because of unfriendly social behavior within the guides of the emphasis “post”.

Social dis-ease can lead to depression and isolation. This leads to taking toxic prescriptions and expensive lounging on a professional’s couch.

How does one achieve social wellness? It starts with making positive lifestyle choices. These choices should reflect harmonious relationships with others. We may need training for effective non-verbal and verbal communications skills, proper etiquette (on and off line), good sportsmanship and being a true leader.


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