This Is Not Your Grand Mother’s Mammogram

Breast Tomosynthesis is now FDA approved – statement taken from the Hologic website.

So…I went to the doctor the other day for a routine mammogram. I was given the usual questionnaire and an attached leaflet. I was reading the leaflet when interrupted by the technician to follow her back to the “smashing” room. Once there she started the usual drone of questions. Then she startled me. She began to go on about the Breast Tomosynthesis, which I had read some on the leaflet and was happy I was going to get this new procedure. To my dismay and disgust, she told me it would cost $130 (I would have known had I finished reading the leaflet). I hit the ceiling, assuring her I was not angry with her. I proceed to call my insurance company to see if it was covered. The insurance rep asked me what the code was. I asked the technician who did not have a clue. I followed her to the lobby where 2 more people did not have a clue. (I am quietly steaming). Someone finally gave it to us with her disrespectful back towards us. I could not resist a slight comment of her talking with her back. All the while the insurance carrier is waiting and hearing the whole conversation.

Long story short, tWoman Receiving Breast Examhe best procedure is not covered by this major insurance carrier.

I was shocked and sad that I only got smashed that day. No 3D breast exam for me.

Footnote: call ahead to see if your insurance covers this. Some do; some don’t. Mind didn’t.


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