Too Busy Living Leads to Not Living At All

I posted this in my well blog on Thought you could glean from it.

Too Busy Living Leads to Not Living At All

Posted by Audrey. 1 hour ago

Is this you? Going to work, coming home working your small business, family, pets, friends, church, clean the house/apt, do laundry, cook, eat, go to bed. Rise up and do it all over again. Day after day. Week after week. Is this living? I think not. Even if you do take time for a movie, dinner or a long bath, our minds are moving so quickly into what’s next on the list.

Now, I do not believe in making resolutions as such, as the new year approaches, but I do believe in taking stock and a long look or reflection on what my life was like and where I could make some solid changes. Can you understand this trend? Great, let’s resolve to do this over the next 45 days. Then make a healthy list of dos and don’ts. Start with the “low hanging fruit” and work your way up to higher branches. Starting with the easy to implement tasks will get some “feel good” successes into our spirits and create energy to do the next level. Go for it.

If you (we) will do this, by spring our lives will have changed for the better. And the changes we make will be life style changes. Changes we can live with daily.

Let’s make some notes now and begin with our health. What is your state of wellness?