Winter blahs

Spray vitamins“I am sick of this weather”. “I cannot take another flake of snow”. These and other similar comments are being echoed throughout the mid-west and east coast of the US. I was born in this crap and still live here. Yes I am sick and tired of it as well. Even so, I walk as much as possible indoors and outdoors when it is above 35 degrees F. What is so amazing about it all is that in a few short weeks it will be all behind us. I spoke with a friend about it and we agreed that each region has its weather calamities that bring hardship and mental stress on its people. I have found that good food, exercise and certain supplements help get us through and keep us together. Three come to mind: Vitamins C, D3 and B12. I like using the spray versions for quick cellular absorption. You can throw them in your pocket or personal bag. The best I have tried comes from well dot myqxlife dot com. Enjoy and be safe. My prayers are with the victims of the California earthquake this past weekend.


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