Where’s the wagon?

Well! This has been a not so good eatin’ two weeks. I fell so far off the wagon that I could not find it. We all slip sometimes. I let my nose get the better of me and my eyes did the rest. A co-worker had some chicken tenders and curly fries. My goodness. My nose knows. Then, I went to an event and had two pieces of cake. It was my favorite – white with butter cream icing. Oooo wee! Understand this, I grill my chicken in a small amount of olive oil, spices and fresh broccoli or some other veggie. But mostly broccoli. I do eat french  fries, but they are really french bake with no oil added. But, I love the way I eat. Green smoothies and all. But, I smelled that fried food, laid eyes on that cake and the rest was history.

Now, this post is not about me eating fried food, but rather to encourage you. Even when you give your best shot and eat healthy, don’t get discouraged because you get weak for the old habits. There is a clean way back. I had a chicken salad with the freshest veggies. Green bell pepper, red onion, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms, lettuce and spinach. My goodness what a meal. It made it all better and now I am back on track.