Audrey-Wiggins-Altogether-MarketingAUDREY WIGGINS

Branding Strategist & Implementor, Speaker, Trainer, Event Display & Promotional Items Consultant, Internet Broadcaster, Wellness Enthusiast

Audrey Wiggins is a marketing professional with 30 plus years in the industry. She is a creative independent thinker and problem solver. Her experience includes working with one of the world’s largest for profit corporations as well as one of the largest not-for-profit organizations. Currently working in higher-ed, her goal is to have a positive impact on everyone she meets. Her mission is to purposefully empower others to reach their full potential through confidence, authenticity and courage.

Ms. Wiggins is also a serial entrepreneur. Her company, Altogether Marketing LLC (a branding and technology company) serves primarily the business-to-business market in start-up coaching, fund-raising, event planning, advertising, PR, videography, graphic and web design, domain names, web tools, promotional items, custom printing, internet marketing and social media management.

She produces two web shows. The most recent is http://www.AudreyWigginsShow.com; magazine format – informative and engaging; and “Make Something Happen.TV”, a discussion/interview web show format. It’s “mission is to change the world, one person, one community at a time. The guests on this show empower, inspire, educate and sometimes entertains to make a positive impact on our position, purpose and personal power.”


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